Reporter: Carren Otieno
Producer: Amnesty International
Nov '10

Kenya – Self-defense

Kenyan women take the self-defense class 'I am worth defending'. With what she learned, Margaret managed to safe herself from a group of rapists. 'They took my phone, but not my dignity.'

The women hit the trainer's cushion with fierce karate kicks. They live in the Kenyan slum Korogocho, where the number of rapes is alarmingly high. Led by a professional, the women learn simple self-defense techniques so they can fight back. 'I am worth defending!' they shout at the end of the class. Margaret has proven that the classes work: she poked the eye of her attacker and managed to escape.

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Hello, i have just seen this,

Hello, i have just seen this, and this story is back to Nov 2101, we have done so much more in between the time.
Just incase you would be interested in posting something on what we have been doing.
We are now No Means No Worldwide, and have been teaching high school girls and boys.
You can reach me on this number : 0729-764 464

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